Filters, regulators and lubricators. Provides air preparation products to ensure compressed air systems have the appropriate level of filtration, a precise and consistent line pressure and, when appropriate, the correct amount of lubricant in the air.

Continental Hydraulics

Vane & Piston Pumps – Servo & Proportional Valves – Directional, Pressure & Flow Control Valves – Hydraulic Power Units – Cartridge Valves – Circuit Manifolds


Industrial NFPA Tie Rod Cylinders – Custom Mobile – Mill Type – Marine / Corrosive – Rotating- Nuclear – Specials


Manufacturer of pumps, valves, flow controls, hydraulic power units and other products. High quality, competitive pricing and ready availability.

Ortman Cylinders

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders – NFPA & Custom – Accumulators- Boosters

Donaldson Filters

Gauges – Hydraulic & Reservoir Accessories

M-Line Unitite Valves

Valves for air and hydraulic operation. Quick acting, packless. Permanently tight. Four way and 3-way operation

M-Line Cylinders

We provide all repair parts for M-Line cylinders, including Seal kits, Bearing assemblies, Piston and rod assemblies, Cylinder heads, Cylinder tubes, Tie rods.

Voith Pumps

High Efficiency Internal Gear Pumps – Pressures To 4,700 Psi – Flows To 120 GPM

Balluff Sensors Worldwide

Linear Position Transducers – Electro – Mechanical Sensors- Inductive Sensors

Moog Flo-Tork

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Type Rotary Actuators


Vane Pumps – Gear Pumps – Power Steering Pumps – Piston Pumps – Directional Valves – Pressure & Flow Control Valves


Fenner Ac/Dc Hydraulic Power Units

Daman Products Co., Inc.

Hydraulic Valve Manifolds – Nfpa & Custom

Hedland Flow Meters

Flow Meters – Direct Reading & Remote

Accumulators, Inc.

Bladder – Diaphragm & Piston Accumulators

Kawasaki Hydraulics

Axial Piston Pumps

Staffa Motors

Fixed And Dual Displacement Hydraulic Motors


Shaft Couplings – Pump/Motor Mounts – Linear Alignment Couplings

White Drive Products

High Speed Motion Control

TTP (formerly Thermal Transfer Products)

Heat Exchangers – Air/Oil & Water/Oil

H + L Hydraulics

High Speed Motion Control

Von Ruden Manufacturing

Hydraulic Motors & Gearheads