Unitite Valves Column Mount

COLUMN MOUNT Unitite Valves

Quarter inch Unitite valves of this model are used in remote control installations where it is desirable to provide support in addition to that given by the piping.

1/4″ Column Mount Valve No.134924 (Air or Hydraulic, three or four-way)

Unitite Valves Column Mount Dimensions
Unitite Valve Standard Mount


This Unitite Valve model is used in installations where the valve is mounted on the cylinder or where it can be amply supported by the piping.

1/4″ Standard Mount Valve No.134939 (Air or Hydraulic, three or four-way)

Unitite Valves Standard Mount Dimensions
Unitite Valve Manifold Mount


For installations where several valves must be grouped closely together – all ports are in the mounting face of the valve. Necessary piping to and from the valves does not interfere with piping to adjoining valves. Intake and exhaust openings may be conveniently connected to single supply or exhaust pipes – or to a manifold or pulpit block.

1/4″ Manifold Mount Valve No.134942 (Air or Hydraulic, three or four-way)

Unitite Valves Manifold Mount Dimensions

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