Voith Internal Gear Pump (IGP) Type IPC

Voith IPC Pump Functions
  •   1.  Pinion shaft
  •   2.  Internal gear
  •   3.  Filler pin
  • 4a.  Filler segment carrier
  • 4b.  Filler sealing segment
  •   5.  Axial disc
  •   6.  Axial pressure area
  •   7.  Plain bearing
  •   8.  Housing carrier
  •   9.  Hydrostatic relieved bearing
  • 10.  End cover with bleeder screw

Internal Gear Pumps

Voith Internal Gear Pumps from Voith Turbo H+L hydraulic – your guarantee for:

  • High-quality technology
  • Robust design
  • Low noise emissions
  • Cost-effective operation

Voith Internal Gear Pumps include the following series:

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About Voith Turbo H + L Hydraulic (VTHL)

Voith Turbo H + L Hydraulic (VTHL) is a world-class manufacturer of innovative components and systems of fluid-technical drive and control engineering. Voith systems are characterized by:

  • High drive dynamics – with fast switching valves and high-dynamic servo valves
  • Energy-saving – through internal gear pumps with high efficiencies, low and high-pressure systems with automatic change-over and accumulator charging technology
  • Application-optimized – of devices up to sub systems with highest functionality
  • Proven in practice and reliability – in many areas of mechanical engineering
Voith PumpVoith Internal Gear Pump Combination

Voith Internal Gear Pumps

Voith Hydraulic Punch System

Voith Hydraulic Punch System

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